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Mid-Career Academics

Faculty Coach

As a seasoned Academic Career Coach, my passion is to support you, the mid-career academic, in navigating the unique challenges and opportunities you face. From deep self-reflection exercises to practical skills development, I provide a range of services tailored to your needs.


Whether you're seeking to improve your mentorship relationships, find time to write papers, balance your work-life equation, or consider a new career path, I'm here to help. Each of these services are designed with your growth, satisfaction, and career progression in mind. Take a look at the array of services below and let's work together to amplify your academic potential and personal fulfillment.

Services Offered
Discover Tailored Support: Services Crafted to Elevate Your Academic Journey

  • Career Clarity Sessions:  One-to-two meetings focusing on self-reflection and introspection to help identify career goals, assess satisfaction, and determine whether to remain in academia or explore other career avenues.

  • Mid-Career Momentum Program: A long-term (2-4 months) coaching package providing ongoing support to enhance productivity, tackle challenging projects, or pivot research interests, with the ultimate aim of renewing passion and motivation in your academic career.

  • Academic Leadership Workshops: Group sessions designed to nurture leadership skills among mid-career academics. Topics may include conflict resolution, strategic planning, team building, and decision-making.

  • Mastering Mentorship: Single or double sessions designed to enhance your skills as a mentor to graduate students, fostering effective communication, empathy, and guidance techniques to build strong, productive relationships.

  • Pen to Paper Program: A 2-4 month long service offering dedicated writing support, focusing on creating a practical writing schedule, overcoming writer's block, enhancing writing efficiency, and moving towards successful paper publication.

  • Grant-Writing Guru: One-to-two sessions tailored to guide academics in writing successful grant proposals, from understanding funders' expectations to fine-tuning the research narrative.

  • Reinvigorate Your Research: A 2-4 month long service aimed at revitalizing your research agenda, identifying new research questions, securing funding, and enhancing your publication strategy.

  • Work-Life Integration Coaching:  Single or double sessions to assist academics in finding the right balance between their work and personal lives, with a focus on stress management, mindful productivity, and personal well-being.

  • Career Pivot Planning:  An extended (2-4 months) personalized coaching relationship providing support to those considering a career transition outside of academia, including identifying transferable skills, exploring potential careers, and preparing for the transition.

  • Academic Resilience Roundtable:  Small group sessions focused on building resilience and managing change in the challenging environment of academia. Sessions include peer support and problem-solving strategies, aiming to foster a supportive community and promote personal growth.

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