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Graduate Student Services


As an experienced Academic Career Coach, I understand the myriad challenges you face as a graduate student, from drafting your thesis to preparing for job interviews.


My suite of services is meticulously designed to support you during this crucial period of your academic journey. Whether you're looking for short-term guidance to overcome a specific hurdle, or require long-term support as you navigate the complexities of graduate studies and plan for your career ahead, you'll find a service here to fit your needs.


Each offering is crafted with the intent to empower, equip, and encourage you, helping you transition from student to scholar with grace and confidence. Discover the range of services I provide and let's embark on this journey together:

Services Offered

Every step counts: From the beginning to the end, we're with you!

  • Thesis Tackle Session: One or two sessions designed to break down the thesis-writing process, develop an outline, and strategize about research and writing methods.

  • Research Project Roadmapping: One or two sessions aimed at helping students plan and manage their research effectively, focusing on setting realistic timelines, resource management, and contingency planning.

  • Dissertation Development Journey:  A long-term (2-4 months) guided program offering consistent support and feedback throughout the dissertation process, from literature review to defence preparation.

  • Graduate Productivity Power-up: On-going client and coach relationship (2-4 months) focusing on time management, work-life balance, and productivity enhancement specific to graduate students.

  • Academic Publication Primer: One or two sessions on navigating the world of academic publishing, including choosing the right journals, understanding the submission process, and responding to reviewer comments.

  • Job Hunt Jumpstart: One or two sessions designed to optimize your CV/resume, polish your cover letter, and identify ideal job prospects within or outside academia.

  • Interview Instincts Workshop: One session ( or two) to master the skills of job interviews, focusing on effective communication, answering tricky questions, and exuding confidence.

  • Career Transition Coaching: On-going client and coach relationships (2-4 months) for those considering a leap from academia to industry or other fields, assisting in identifying transferable skills, exploring potential careers, and preparing for the transition.

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