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Book Review: Writing Science in Plain English (Anne Green, 2013)

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

I highly recommend the book "Writing Science in Plain English" by Dr. Anne Greene to anyone who needs to communicate scientific information clearly to an audience. The author breaks down the essentials of good science writing, including the basics of grammar and style, and emphasizes the importance of considering your audience before you start writing.

This book is especially useful for undergraduate and graduate students who are learning how to write papers, theses, and reports, but it is also helpful for anyone who wants to improve their popular science writing or blogging. One of my favorite chapters is "Tell a Story," which emphasizes the importance of using distinctive characters and strong verbs to make your writing more engaging. The book also provides helpful practice exercises to reinforce the concepts covered in each chapter. Overall, "Writing Science in Plain English" is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to communicate scientific information clearly and effectively.


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