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Celebrating Resilience and Offering Support as the Academic Year Concludes

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Photo of the main building of the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. We can also see many students walking during convocation day.
University of Prince Edward Island

As the academic year at the University of Prince Edward Island finally comes to a close and convocation is just around the corner, I cannot help but feel a strong sense of empathy and admiration for my colleagues who have had to navigate a particularly challenging period. While I have been fortunate enough to be on sabbatical this year, I am well aware of the exhaustion that comes with a heavy teaching load, especially during times of crisis.

This year, the challenges were amplified for my colleagues at the university, who faced a 4-week strike that added to the pressure of an already demanding academic year. Following the strike's resolution and the signing of an agreement, these dedicated educators found themselves with just two weeks to wrap up the semester. It's no surprise that tensions were high, with both faculty and students understandably frustrated.

With the academic year behind us and convocation fast approaching, I would like to extend my support and offer some positive advice to my colleagues and to anyone who has faced a difficult academic year:

1. Celebrate your accomplishments: As you look back on the academic year, acknowledge the hard work you've put in and the progress you've made. Despite the challenges, you have continued to educate and inspire your students.

2. Rest and recharge: Give yourself the time and space to recuperate after such an intense year. Focus on self-care and indulge in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.

3. Reflect and grow: Use this experience as an opportunity for growth. Identify areas for improvement and implement changes in the future. Remember that every challenge presents a chance to learn and become a better educator.

4. Connect with colleagues: Share your experiences and seek advice and encouragement from others who have faced similar challenges. There's immense value in knowing that you are not alone in your struggles.

5. Take pride in your resilience: This year has been a testament to the resilience of educators. Celebrate the fact that you've navigated a difficult situation and emerged stronger for it.

A group of people that includes professors and students - all smiling
Students and Biology Faculty - University of Prince Edward Island

To my colleagues at the University of Prince Edward Island and educators everywhere, I applaud your dedication and perseverance in the face of adversity. As we look forward to convocation and the next academic year, let us continue to support and uplift one another, always striving to be better and to create a brighter future for our students.

Together, we can rise above any challenge that comes our way!


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