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Struggling with networking as an introverted academic? If so, I'm offering a FREE GUIDE that outlines 5 highly effective strategies to help you build your professional network with ease. Networking can help your career; use these strategies to succeed. Click the link below to get your hands on this exclusive guide. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your networking skills and take your academic career to the next level!

My FREE CHECKLIST gives you 12 STEPS to help you overcome the obstacles that come with reading research papers. Whether you're a graduate student or a seasoned academic, my checklist offers valuable tips for improving your reading habits and becoming a more informed and engaged member of your academic community.

With the growing concern around the overuse of AI resources, I believe that e-portfolios may help to promote the responsible use of technology and encourage students to think critically about their learning. I encourage you to consider incorporating e-portfolios into your courses.  

Never used e-portfolios? Here is a FREE TEMPLATE that you can adapt to your courses. 

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Are you a graduate student or a young professional struggling to create a standout resume?


My FREE Ultimate 5-Step Resume Guide will take you through the process of crafting a winning resume that will get you noticed by recruiters and land you that dream job.

Unlock your full potential as a graduate student with "Mental Tools for Completing Your Thesis or Dissertation."


This FREE e-book combines the power of mindfulness and a growth mindset to help you tackle the most common challenges faced during the thesis or dissertation writing process. Packed with actionable tips, strategies, and real-life examples, this e-book will transform your academic journey and set you on the path to success.

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