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Discovering the Art of Time Management in Academia with Trello

Spring is here, and for many of us, it brings a welcome pause from teaching duties. It’s a perfect moment to explore new tools that can make our hectic schedules a bit more manageable, especially when the academic year picks back up.

Today, I want to talk about a gem I've found incredibly helpful in my own academic and entrepreneurial journey—Trello. If you're always juggling different tasks and feel like no two days are the same, Trello might just be what you need.

What’s Trello?

It's a visually intuitive app that helps you organize projects into boards, lists, and cards. You can keep track of everything from research activities to side hustles, all in one place.

Why Trello for Us in Academia?

  • Flexible Organization: Whether it’s sorting out conference details, lining up your research ducks, or planning lectures, Trello lets you visualize and manage your projects with ease.

  • Team Collaboration: If you’re collaborating on a research paper or need to sync with your department, Trello’s shared boards streamline communication.

  • Perfect for Side Hustles: Many of us nurture side projects next to our academic roles; Trello’s adaptability makes it an excellent ally.

The best part? Trello offers a free version where you can manage up to 10 boards. I’ve been using this version (see image below) and haven’t felt the need to upgrade despite juggling numerous tasks. It’s quite a handy tool for keeping academic and personal life ticking along smoothly, without the pressure of extra fees.

Explore Trello with Us

Whether you're deep into your academic career or just beginning to nurture your side hustle, Trello can be a transformative tool for managing your complex schedules. If you’re curious about how to maximize its potential, I’ve compiled a selection of resources and guides to help you get started. Check them out, and see how Trello can fit into your workflow! Send me a DM if you want more information.

For those who want a deeper dive, keep an eye on my upcoming posts where I’ll share detailed tutorials and advanced tips on making the most of Trello. Whether you're looking to streamline your academic responsibilities or organize that growing side project, there's a way for everyone to benefit from this versatile tool.

I'm Dr. Marina Silva-Opps. If you're hungry for more insights on how to share your academic journey, time management, productivity, career success, and personal development, visit my LinkedIn profile, website, or send me a DM. And remember, I'm here to help!


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